Pionjärkyrkan Helsingborg - Pioneer church Helsingborg

Pioneer Church Helsingborg is a modern-day church that wants people to experience Jesus in Helsingborg. We believe that Jesus is what the world needs.

By "modern-day church" we mean that we wish to make Jesus understandable and relevant to those who are not used to church. We believe that God is more important than the way we shape our services. We want to create a good atmosphere during our services, with amazing worship, relevant biblical sermons and prayer for everyone who wants it. Just so that if you are interested in knowing more about Jesus, you will get the opportunity to discover who he is. 


The three building blocks of our church

  • The small group. We call them homegroups. This is a place where you can get to know others, discover who God is and share life. We believe homegroups are an important part of church life and it is therefore something we recommend for everyone who considers themselves a part of Pioneerchurch Helsingborg. 


  • The big group. This is our services, which we wish to be a place where everyone is welcome to discover who God is. Our Sunday service takes place every second week (even weeks). The service starts off with mingle at 5.40pm where we serve coffee, tea and snacks. The actual service begins at 6pm and usually contains worship, sermon and prayer. Our services are open for everyone and if you need it there is always someone available to interpret to English. 


  • Parties. We wish life to be attractive even though life is not always fantastic. As a church family we want to have fun, enjoy each other's company and get to know new people outside of our official gatherings. We don’t believe that church life is about our official gatherings, but about the community we live in. Therefore, parties are vital.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that God is active and alive, that God wants to show who he is to all people and that mankind was created to get to know God. God is attractive and we believe that deep down, every person longs to discover who God is. We believe that the church is God’s hands and feet, that stretches out into this world in order to show how good God is. We believe that church is a community that everyone needs in their life, an inviting community that loves Jesus and loves each other. We want people to grow in their relationship with Jesus, whether you have never heard about Jesus before or whether you have been a part of church your whole life. 


Get involved

Pioneerchurch Helsingborg is based on voluntary work and we believe that church is something we build together. Therefore, we encourage everyone to get involved and there are plenty of ways this can happen, such as helping with snacks or arranging a party. If you would like to know more, please contact one of our pastors.


Everything that we do and invest in, happens because people give of their time, energy and money. Would you like to carry us financially? We are grateful for any gift, small or big. There are several ways to give:

Swish: 1233262185

Bank account: 851730558 (clearing 6750)


Name the transfer ”Gift”.

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